Covid-19 Information

Change to arrangements for school under Stage 4 Restrictions - updated 4th August, 2020 

Dear Parents/guardians,

We would like to thank our school community for the amazing support you have shown us throughout the Covid-19 health crisis. Your kindness, flexibility and resilience has provided us with motivation to keep going and seek new ways to teach in this most unusual time. We truly consider ourselves partners with you in your children’s education and we have a genuine desire to navigate the next 6 weeks of extreme lockdown with you.

The school has been provided with further information from the Department of Education late yesterday, following Premier Andrews’ announcement about Stage 4 restrictions. Some of the new restrictions will affect the way we have been conducting remote learning:

  1. Onsite learning - restrictions regarding eligibility for onsite learning have been drastically tightened – if your child has been learning onsite, you will receive a call from the school today to clarify your status under the new restrictions.


  1. Hard-packs are no longer available – there has been a call for the end to hard-packs in order to stop movement of people around the community. Learning activities will be available via Google Classroom and WebEX meetings will continue. As always you can contact the school if you need to discuss this matter further.


o    If you require a loan device (iPad or laptop) and have not yet made contact with the school, please do so as soon as possible.


  1. Sentral – all official messaging relating to TRSPS will be communicated to you via the Sentral app. Please contact the school via phone on 59774324 as a matter of urgency if you do not have access to Sentral.


Your children’s class teacher will be in regular contact with them/you regarding learning activities via Class Dojo and WebEx. Please ensure they access WebEx class meetings so that they can remain connected with their classmates and teachers.


One final reminder – be kind to yourself! None of us has experienced anything like this before and we are all facing different challenges – loss of the chance to socialize, loss of livelihood or concerns for the future financially, changes to work and home life, changes in the emotional state of family members or friends, maybe even illness or loss of someone close. Your children’s education is very important, but in times like this, we understand you may need to prioritize your own financial stability, physical or mental health over the learning activities set for the day. There may be days where your children get less done than was set – it’s ok…as long as they get back up and try again tomorrow. That’s all any of us can do.


We are all in this together and together we will make it through this challenging time.


With best wishes for your health and wellbeing.


Covid-19 Safety Management Plan