At Tyabb Railway Station Primary School our students work in Science using the Primary Connections Program. This program is designed by the Australian Academy of Science and links Science and Literacy.


Our Science program contains 3 interrelated strands-Science understanding, Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour. These 3 areas provide students with the understanding, knowledge and skills through which they can develop a scientific view of the world.


Students in all year levels work in 4 areas-Biological Science, Chemical Science, Earth and Space Science and Physical Science.


Through the program they develop skills such as questioning, planning and conducting experiments, evaluating, analysing and communicating.


Our students should understand how Science knowledge and applications are influenced by society and can be used to inform decisions and actions.


 In our teaching of Science we support the students by:

  • Providing learning experiences that build on the needs and knowledge of the individual student
  • Using hands-on and real life experiences
  • Grouping students flexibly according to task requirements and/or learning needs
  • Using an enquiry based model
  • Using a range of representations such as graphs, tables, models, role plays and texts to assist in student learning and as assessment of learning
  • Using ICT where appropriate to help foster deeper understanding and learning
  • Using examples, wherever possible, which can be found within the students’ environment
  • Relating learning to related world events such as environmental issues, natural disasters, space exploration and technology innovations  found in the media