School Profile




Tyabb Railway Station Primary School is a unique school offering an outstanding, differentiated learning and teaching program, made possible by the experienced class teachers in all grades.  This ensures a happy, engaging and stimulating learning environment.  The home-school partnership is valued as indicated by our excellent Parent Opinion survey results.


Enviably well resourced, our school buildings have been significantly upgraded with new classrooms and library facility, in addition to a multifunction indoor/outdoor learning space.

We offer a school-wide sequential learning program within Numeracy and Literacy, based with a stong emphasis on individualised assessment and goal setting.


Our units of work are multidisciplinary, promoting inquiry and the development of higher order thinking.  We are proud of our enrichment/support programs and diverse range of extra curricula activities.  The specialist programs include Health and Physical Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Science and Technology, ICT and Indonesian and Cultural Studies.


Tyabb Railway Station Primary School has a stong emphasis on student wellbeing, with students, families and the school community having input into promoting the school values, KidsMatter and the You Can Do It! Program. 


We have developed outstanding partnerships with our Chinese sister school Nanjing Huo Wa Xiang Primary School and with Moorside Primary School, Manchester UK. 


Our school is committed to maintaining and improving on our oustanding educational programs.