School Council

The Tyabb Railway Station Primary School Council meets a minimum of twice per term and is the Policy-setting body for the School within Department of Education and Training (DET) Guidelines. School Council also sets and oversees the School's cash budget for all its programs and manages School facilities within the scope of Department Grants and accumulated reserves. School Council has a total membership of 11, being 8 Parents, 3 Staff (including the Principal) and one nominated Community Representative. School Councillors are elected for 2 years with half being elected each year.



School Council Executive Officer - Emma Slater

School Council President - Troy Farrington

School Council Vice-President - Nicole Gray

School Council Treasurer - Gayle Jervios

Buildings and Grounds - Tim Mathews


(Parents) Kylie Farrington, Kylie Adair and Karen Gibbons

(Staff) Chris Rossi and Laine Amos




Click on the link to download Appendix A:  School Council Elections - Information for Parents.

Appendix A: School Council Elections - Information for Parents