Student Leadership



The TRSPS Leadership Program offered to all students in Year 6 who model the Tyabb Railway Station Primary School expectations of ‘Respect’, ‘Responsibility’ and ‘Safety’. The Program consists of Year 6 students leading assemblies as well as taking on a captaincy as outlined below:

Sports Captains these students are keen sportspeople who can lead and motivate their House at school sporting events and participate at inter-school sports events with enthusiasm and fairness. They are called upon to assist our P.E. teacher in coordinating many sporting events throughout the year.

Sports Vice Captains (Grade 5 only)these students assist the Sports Captains with school sporting events. They participate enthusiastically and fairly, at inter-school sports events such as Athletics, Cross Country and Lightning Premierships.

Publicity & Communications Captains these students welcome potential new families to our school and conduct school tours. They are competent speakers and are capable photographers who can use cameras, iPads etc. to capture important moments in the school throughout the year. Publicity & Communications Captains may also be required to write a blog/piece for the school newsletter.

Wellbeing Captains these students assist with working in and stocking the Yabby Shack. They assist with the coordination of special lunch days and will work with coordinating teachers on the organizational aspects of school special events, such as rotational days, footy day etc. These students will select a team of younger students, when needed, to assist them in their projects.

Community Care Captains – these students will investigate how T.R.S.P.S can make a positive impact on the health, welfare, wellbeing, maintenance or protection of someone or something in the community. This may involve engaging with local organisations (kindergartens, retirement villages etc.) or fundraising for national and global issues (bushfires, schools in need etc.) These students will select a team of younger students, when needed, to assist them in their projects.

Bell Captains these students have exceptional time-management and self-discipline skills. They ring all the bells for the school in a punctual manner and must be capable of keeping track of the time during their playtime.

Successful applicants will hold their position for one semester. After Term 2, they can apply for the same, or a different, Leadership role to ensure they experience and practice, a variety of skills in preparation for Secondary College.